Check-in from the Web whenever you want, where ever you want

Use network-based video over a wired or wireless Internet Protocol (IP) to stream live digital video and audio, as well as other information using your existing network infrastructure. Get the advanced functionality and the convenience that goes beyond closed-circuit television (CCTV) video surveillance, such as:


Remote access

Access live and recorded video at any time from any authorized computer or smartphone.

Control multiple camera systems in multiple locations – even those around the world – from an authorized computer or smartphone. This type of system is often used by the retail industry, facilitating the management of every store from a marketing, human relations and security point of view.

In areas where there is reduced lighting, infrared illuminators are used to allow you to view in a variety of ambient light.  This function has been known to be extremely valuable to clients who are monitoring the outside of their infrastructure

High-quality images

High definition television or HDTV provides clearer, high-quality images – up to five times better resolution than previous generation television.

Event Management and Intelligent Video Analytics

Automated response features, such as video motion detection, audio detection alarm and active tampering alarms work together to analyze incoming data and detect events. When an event is detected, the system begins video recording and sending alarm notifications.

Easy Integration Today and Tomorrow

Tailor-made security solutions work with your existing computer and Ethernet-based information, audio or security systems and other digital devices; and can integrate new products or equipment in the future.

Scalability and Flexibility

Add network video products to the existing network without changing the entire infrastructure.

Long-term savings

Built-in flexibility and easy integration mean that IP based surveillance systems have a lower cost of ownership than comparable analog CCTV systems.