Detecting and Reacting instantly to Perimeter Intrusions

Fence detection systems created with smart technology to detect intrusion attempts and keep your assets safe.

Protecting a property’s perimeter can depend on many variables such as location, surrounding terrain and climate.  We make recommendations that take your needs and the physical area demands into consideration.  Securium offers Field-proven sensor technologies and security management tools, which provide immediate detection of perimeter disturbances. The systems can even determine ambient noise, such as wind, rain or traffic, and ignore it, nearly eliminating false, nuisance alarms. Intelligent alarms go further by allowing users to assign specific software-controlled zoning alarms anywhere along the cable. Other benefits include:

  • southwest-microwave-fence-detection-systems-2Detecting intrusion attempts to within 3 meters (10 ft) while ignoring ambient noises from wind, rain or nearby vehicle traffic.
  • Reduced hardware requirements
  • Lowering the cost of installation without sacrificing superior detection quality
  • Sensitivity Leveling™ This calibrates the sensors to compensate for fence fabric variations, resulting in uniform detection along the fence line.

Buried Cable Detection System:

The buried cable detection system uses a buried cable with terrain-following sensors to precisely detect potential intruders – running, crawling or walking – around a pre-determined perimeter. Cables can be buried in a variety of materials, soil, asphalt or concrete, and detection zones are set up using a fully integrated software. The advantages include:

  • 24-01-2013 11-07-55 PM-2Detect covertly with the terrain-following precision
  • Pinpoints intrusion attempts to 3m / 10ft
  • Provides uniform detection sensitivity across the coverage area
  • Solves environmental nuisance alarm problems
  • Controls zoning with flexible, easy-to-use software
  • Provides single-platform networking

Microwave sensor system

Detect walking, running or crawling human invaders in outdoor areas with microwave sensors. Also known as radar, RF or Doppler sensors, the microwave sensors create a detection zone by generating electromagnetic fields between transmitters and receivers. When an intruder enters the field, the system registers the change and then triggers the alarm. Some advantages include:

  • 24-01-2013 11-12-23 PM-2Detection range of up to 244m (800ft)
  • Well-suited for protecting open areas, gates, entryways, rooftops and walls
  • Sensors operate at K-Band frequency, maximizing detection performance and minimizing interference from external radar sources.
  • External sensitivity controls
  • Single-platform networking capabilities
  • EC and FCC certified